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Dear participant!
Yours achievement made us feel proud for you! Now, please, read this message attentively. It contains information about how to proceed further in the competition and some important tips to make life easier.

05.08.2019 COSINES quarterfinalists announced

We are happy to announce the COSINES Pi quarterfinalists chosen by our Experts out of dozens. The new battle will last from August 6 to 13.

29.05.2019 COSINES Pi presents a new quality assessment plan!

We have developed ​an expertise for the assessment of interpreter’s professionalism​ and reputation​.​ The number of criteria and parameters is big and today we are presenting only one of them - cohesion​ of speech while interpreting.​

20.05.2019 The quality assessment system for professional interpreters’ individuality

COSINES Pi platform creates a reliable system for professional interpreters’ assessment based on the analysis of skills and competencies of every interpreter registered on the platform.

10.05.2019 Master-class ”Mind-fitness for simultaneous interpreters” by Marklen Konurbaev on May 13

The master-class was devoted to those who are eager to reveal the secrets and tricks, the nuts and bolts of the trade of simultaneous interpreting.

01.05.2019 Andrey Tsybenko is speaking on interpreting like art and competition

Putin’s personal simultaneous interpreter Andrey Tsybenko is speaking on the reasons for joining COSINES Pi III and gives advice to novice interpreters

09.04.2019 Formula for Ultimate Success

The COSINES Pi 2018 Silver Award Winner Alexander Tribunsky is speaking on the role of competition in professional interpreter’s life.

23.01.2019 The gold standard explained by Boris Naimushin

The 2nd seminar in the series of workshops of the COSINES School by Boris Naimushin on January, 27.

14.11.2018 Master class by Boris Naimushin on December, 8

‘Time tracking and memory control in simultaneous interpreting’

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