We invite experienced interpreters, teachers and industry professionals to join our team of coaches on a competitive basis and get the best out of your talents of a guru and an instructor. Make your apprentices excel under your supervision at the Contest in 2020 and bring you the deserved gains of a winner awarded to you at the Finals of the Contest and, surely, the noble fame of a sage!

The COSINES School thereby breaks the ground for the unique training season 2020, preparing hosts of aspiring interpreters for the Battle of the Fittest at the 4th COSINES Pi in 2020!

Join the COSINES Coach team now, to show your craft and magic. Dare you dream and become mighty Merlins instructing noble Arthurs to be future kings of the trade, fit for the daring feat.

You will get an excellent opportunity to become a professional trainer for the best future Russian interpreters. If you think that it is truly your cup of tea and you are eager to teach how to interpret, we invite you to join our School!

Besides, the COSINES School will work for you personally too, instructing teaches how to teach best. We’ll reveal your most stunning talents of a tutor hidden in the dusty recesses of your memory and teach you how to share your experience most productively with those who crave for it, deserve it, have the right to possess it and use it for the benefit of our noble trade and the public!

The COSINES Olympic school is a two-part training

First comes the preliminary five-week period during which our school apprentices will attend a two-hour class twice a week. At the end of this period, based on tests and professional showings the coach will make his or her choice of the fittest who will then be moved up the scale for further training.

The second part of the course includes intensive training exercises that will last for 10 weeks. There will be up to five academic classes each week before the beginning of the contest in May 2020.

Key requirements for the applicants to the team of the COSINES coaches:

Professionalism: 7+ years of interpreting experience
Reputation: at least 3 positive references from peer interpreters with 10+ year of confirmed interpreting experience
Competence: ability to work with one of the following language combinations: English / French / Spanish / Chinese / Arabic-Russian
Didactic skills: confirmed teaching experience is a plus
Successful Interview: application will be considered collectively by at least three COSINES Pi Experts based on your confirmations of the above and the results of the online interview.

Successful applicants (our newly endorsed coaches) will get a bunch of privileges and opportunities during the pre-contest period, including:
- job contract;
- access to a choice of our training programs;
- free choice of contestants for the team;
- free choice of training schedule and location;
- rented classrooms if and when required;
- promotion through our web-site and social networks;
- certification and acknowledgement by our partners;
- competitive remuneration;
- bonuses based on your work load and achievements

It’s worth the game

Apply now

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