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COSINES Pi launches a new social networking site for professionals. It is a groundbreaking managed interpreter’s account platform to allow professional interpreters keep record of every important event, professional engagement and client feedback.

Here, account owners can share and discuss their experience with their followers, peers and clients and keep this history for future analysis and use.

Platform users may want to upload personal and professional information they may need when applying for a job or sharing achievements with colleagues and independent experts.

It is an important archive of interpreter’s professional life, summing up the history of growth and development. It is also a terribly important album of family history.

In developing this platform, we made every effort to arrange interpreter’s experience in the most organic and user-friendly form. The Platform will be regularly update based on user feedback and usage experience.

It opens vast opportunities for cooperation, peer-review, reputation endorsement, professional event management and materials archiving including video and audio materials, texts and glossaries.

Timeline and newswire will allow you to share your current materials with friends, peers and followers. Write comments, invite collaboration, share video materials, publish memories, create photo albums related to your professional experience.

Interpreter conferences, lectures and master-classes can be organized both in the offline and the online mode. Publish invitations, conference calls and programs, video addresses and online broadcasting.

‘Half-COSINES’ interpreting contest is a franchise offered to the local organizers of interpreting contests. Half-COSINES becomes an integral part of the global interpreting contest initiative. The organizers will strictly follow the COSINES Pi quality standards in procedures, the choice of people, publicity, material selection and the choice of venue. The experts chosen by the Half-COSINES Contest will need to be endorsed by the Board of Experts of COSINES Pi. The winners of Half-COSINES automatically get the right to participate in the semi-finals of the Annual COSINES Pi Contest.

COSINES App (iOS and Android) is a smartphone application giving access to personal accounts, social network, venue maps, key contacts of organizers and followers, contest programs, early announcements, events calendar.

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