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This year the COSINES Pi Finals were something different. For the first time it was held completely online on our YouTube channel.

15.09.2020 Now we know Superfinalists!

This year the Semifinals is something to remember. Eleven nominations, and all proved to be a true battlefield.


Participants of the following categories did a great job in the Quarterfinals. Our Experts have chosen those who are honoured to proceed to the Semi-Finals!

16.07.2020 Chinese/ Italian /Spanish/ French semifinalists announced!

The participants with these language combinations showed perfect language proficiency, and the Contest assessment system allow them to go straight to the semi-finals.

15.07.2020 We are happy to announce the COSINES Pi quarterfinalists chosen by our Experts out of dozens

The new battle starts on July 15 and ends on August 15.

24.06.2020 The Month of Journalism "+100 New Talents" organized by COSINES Pi and RANEPA is well under way!

Our contest for journalists and bloggers gives you a chance to prove yourself as a capable wordsmith and to participate in huge international events.

02.04.2020 COSINES Pi platform – user experience at the forefront

TCOSINES Pi launches a new platform for users to have access to the COSINES Pi master classes and stay current on the latest developments in the professional community.

31.03.2020 Qualifying stage for 4th COSINES Pi is officially open!

This year is challenging us like never before, but interpreters know that facing challenges makes you stronger.

12.02.2020 Changes we’ve been waiting for!

COSINES Pi does not stand still. We are glad to introduce a number of crucial changes to the platform!

12.12.2019 We celebrate Winners of COSINES Pi Kazan!

The first regional COSINES Pi contest has ended leaving a wonderful aftertaste and memories to cherish.

6.12.2019 COSINES Pi Kazan finalists announced!

We are happy to anounce and congratulate the COSINES Pi Kazan winners!

21.11.2019 Speakers of COSINES Pi Kazan announced

COSINES Pi Kazan will host master classes and lectures delivered by COSINES Pi experts, who are always willing to share their expertise and insider tips of the trade.


If you want to partner with COSINES Pi, get the opportunity to participate in COSINES Pi events and expand your network of contacts in a professional environment, then we have a unique offer for you!

13.11.2019 The registration for COSINES Pi Kazan spectators is now open!

The registration for COSINES Pi Kazan allows you to attend lectures of leading interpreters and to see the Finals firsthand.

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