Volunteers have a unique opportunity of taking part in organizing a COSINES Pi conference and contest, the major professional events for interpreters

Volunteers are future professionals. COSINES Pi is an excellent opportunity for them to first set their foot on the dance floor. Involvement in the professional trade is better, dearer and more important than money. The opportunity is rare and highly honorable. So, get your first scores in the profession and know the pundits at first hand. Join now, while we still have vacancies.

Work can be done by volunteers remotely – through online connections. It may include being in charge of correspondence with the Board of Experts and the Jury, supervising social networks, preparing visualized materials and organizing sessions of the coming contest, and so on.

In September volunteers will attend the conference and the Contest in the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia). They will meet the contestants and the guru of the profession and will take part in all main events on the event.

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It’s worth the game

Sign up now!

Volunteers provide assistance in the way it suits them best

Assignments vary in duration and complexity, some can be performed remotely but some can only be carried out on-site

Get valuable experience and references

The best volunteers will get letters of recommendation, some may be offered employment

Become part of a major interpreting event

Working as part of a team involving associates and like-minded professionals

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