Interpreters’ results at the contest can be:

- further used as a basis for ranking and analysis by employers, educationalists, scientists and scholars;

- further improved and developed under the supervision and care of the host of coaches.

This year’s event will demonstrate how the best of the best can become even better in the hands of professional instructors and advisors handpicked by the COSINES Pi Organizers.

Individual performance will be judged during the battles that will highlight the nuances of professional brilliance demonstrated by the interpreters in pairs and trios at different stages of the Contest.

We bring together interpreters from across the world into one professional community.

We heartily welcome every interpreter to participate, irrespective of the level of professionalism, time zone or a branch of industry.

COSINES Pi becomes the most important ecosystem of the trade.

So, participate, advise, judge, recommend, watch, discuss, share, spread the word!

to get access to the new tools of the trade!

Nikolai Posunko, finalist of COSINES Pi (2017)
The winner of the Consecutive Interpreting nomination Ekaterina Bereznikova is interpreting Dr. Edward Crabtree The audience of the round table session (2017) Over 1000 people visited COSINES Pi in 2017 Founder of COSINES Pi Marklen Konurbaev and jury member Julia Poger
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